Sacred Space Redesign for Fall #indoorgarden
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Sacred Space Redesign for Fall #indoorgarden

Having a sacred space is essential to my well-being. Because my sacred element is plants, you'll see a lot of houseplants in my sacred space! I like to redesign my space with the changing of the season to make sure that my plants get the right amount of light that they need. If you want to create your sacred space in your home, make sure to visit my blog to find out how! #sacredelements #sacredspace #selfcare #naturalworldtherapy

What makes a space sacred? The answer is YOU. A place becomes sacred when you react to it, when you, at your core, feel a shift that both grounds and inspires you. So what is the first step in recreating that feeling in your home? DISCOVERY Discover what sacred element resonates with you. F


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